We have knowledge about processes, because we daily apply them and we can provide our Customers with hints, whose aim is to optimize all the tasks that lead to excellence in quality. We manage the whole production chain, mastering the multidisciplinary fields of mechanics, electronics and software.

Laser cutting

We have two fiber plants that stand out for precision and efficiency:

  • combined punching machine and laser for maximum flexibility and efficiency (watch the VIDEO)
  • laser with automatic sheet loader

Sheet bending

We have in service six bending machines with different performances and features, to mostly fit dimensions, quantities and processes to be performed. Among these we highlight:

  • a fully automatic bending robot (watch the VIDEO);
  • a press brake with automatic tooling


We can be pride of six CNC milling machines with different performances and characteristics, depending on the size, and the processes to be performed, of which:

  • two, four axes machines
  • two, five axes machines
  • one multitasking machine

Lathe processing

We have two parallel lathes, one of which is provided with double spindle

Laser marking

We can perform customization, marking and serialization of products, using a three-axis laser engraver


For the composition of assemblies, we have four MIG/MAG and TIG welding stations, for either steel or aluminum.

We are also provided with an automatic welding robot for serialized production.

Assembled Devices

We have a wide experience in the manufacturing of electromechanical assemblies and finished products.

We can produce in-house most of the mechanical components, electronic boards and wiring, but we also integrate Customer’s and third-party devices.

We can manage almost any level of complexity and completeness, depending on the practicality and convenience of the Customer and deliver them after functional test.

Surface Finishing

We can provide vibro-finishing and sanding machine, but we can manage every process of painting, anodizing, polishing, chrome plating, nickel plating and all the most common treatments, with the support of our trusted partners.